Change Privateer 1 Cockpits?


While I realize visibility in Privateer (1993)'s cockpits was a gameplay mechanic, it made flying punishingly difficult given the low resolution. I'm trying to use the WCTools v5 to extract and edit them. Yet I can't seem to find/extract the appropriate palette. So far I've checked the "DATA\COCKPITS\CLUNKCK.IFF" and "...\COCKMISC.IFF" as well as the unpaletted PNGs from "DATA\PALETTE\*.PAL". FWIW, I don't plan to move anything around; just cut away much of the the static interior parts.

Does anyone know how to get the cockpit palette(s), or another way to get the cockpit graphics out and edited copies back in? And do I need to edit the cockpit templates (TPL) too?
Alright, so looks like I can cut away by editing the TPL files. But still can't change the cockpit pixels themselves.

Anyone else interested in a cut/drop away view with the cockpits reduced?