chances of future wing commander game(s)


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Oh, yes, I'm hoping whoever was responsible is getting treatment. Maybe with the proper medication he's already better. ;)

I don't gather what's so "insurmountably retarded" about it either. Also, I had expected a more positive reaction to my comment. In fact I am wondering people here aren't calling it notWC:Arena or something like that. As a Wing Commander fan I feel insulted by that game.

But okay, to everyone his opinion. Take it as my way to test the waters in this forums. Also, I don't take your reaction personally, as I can understand it and would propably have reacted in a similar way if our roles were reversed.

Maybe this is for a different thread (and we can certainly split posts off to do that), but yes, as you also pointed out, it's also a little bit insulting on this side for people to drop out of the sky and start calling Wing Commander games not Wing Commander games. Based on what? As we've worked with the people who are responsible for Arena, we can tell you first hand how concerned they were with "getting it right" and making their best Wing Commander tribute within the limitations that they had.

As LOAF mentioned earlier, producers don't always get a huge check and a blank canvas and direction to go make an epic masterpiece. Sometimes they get six months, a couple interns and the directive that it has to fit a certain mold (most of these projects, both in the WC universe and in other franchises, don't end up getting released, but Arena ultimately did). Maybe next week the assignment will land on someone's desk to create a Wing Commander game not for the Xbox 360, but for the Apple iPad or Nintendo 3DS (or 360's Natal thing!), and they're going to have to get very creative on how they do it. But from the hard work I've seen invested over the last ten years, I'm excited about the potential for such a thing.

If there are actual specific things you find disconcerting about Arena, by all means lay them out and we can discuss them. We can certainly detail hundreds of awesome little touches that endear that $10 marvel to the community here.


Yes, I'm sorry. I really overreacted, also I didn't know the backstory of it (like the developers consulting with fans here and the 50 MB size limit).

I still wouldn't play it, as it doesn't fit my taste, but I'm taking back any statements about it not being a true Wing Commander game. After all, tastes are different.

I actually thought about that I would actually like a game with similar gameplay as a Homebrew on a "Retro"-Platform like the C64. I even had thought about a game a little bit like that I would do myself for the C64 if I had the time to invest (I'm propably not the only one here with fantasies like that), before I got to know WC Arena even existed.
(Well, actually in fact the similarities propably end with the fact of it being on a 2D plane... I was more inspired by a Shareware game I once had for MS-DOS which clearly draw inspirations from Wing Commander, but was a 2D top-down view game... Maybe someone knows what I talk about, otherwise I still have the CD with that game (amongst many others) here, so I can look what it was called if someone wants to know...)


Well Arena is not a Wing Commander Flight Sim....its a WC Multiplayer arcade shooter. Not my kind of game (especially the forced MP aspect of it), but I love the StarSoldier magazine. Tons of new canon and backdrop which really fulled the game out.

That new Iphone game that is WC-like certainly has caught my interest, so I will probably end up buying it. If a few of these kind of games were produced on various platforms with reasonable sales, I think it might catch some notice of the powers that be for space sim game.

Anyway, just my two cents.