Catscratch's death in WC 4

yeah i just finished replaying wc4, now going back doing it with options i didnt before...

1st time i saved catcratch and i saw the blair-maniac-catscratch scene..

i got the PC cd version....

this time i killed him of course... and i'ld do it again !!! :)
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I'd just always chose to save catscratch because it felt like the right thing to do. Similar to not using the flashpak on the Ella Superbase.

yeah, tho if u do use it on ella, that means u gotta use torps and guns on the vesuvius?
IIRC, yes. But don't worry, the Vesuvius is actually much easier to destroy if you've already used the Flashpak. :)
Im changing the subject of this threat a little bit, but hey i started it.

One of my favorite scenes in WC4 is after you successfully convince the council not to go to war where Admiral Tolwyn is brought before a tribunal. I think that sequence was done really well, cutting between shots of tolwyn, various people testifying against him, and what actually took place during the game. I think it would have been interesting though if they would have had a similar sequence for where you failed to convince the council and Blair is arrested. They could have tolwyn, and perhaps some other people testifying against blair, blaming things on him and the border worlds forces he lead.
Well... there is a scene where Blair fails to convince the council... but there's no trial. He's just shot. :(
Agent 44 and Agent 13 both do that, and you regularly see their faces when they're in a face seeing-able object... the one that comes to mind is Agent 44 in an ice machine.
No, its BEK.
"Bemannte Einschleus Kapsel" or something like that ;)
At least in the german version *g*
Wedge, you are funny sometimes :D

I think that Catscratch was more impressed with Kill Scores than Flying style