Case modding dedicated to Origin


This is the start of a brand new server case I bought for modding. I decided to make it a Wing Commander-ish theme. I plan to install a blue cathode light, led fans and paint the case black. The top will have a silhouette of a Centurion Fighter(not done yet) with a blue led fan in the center of it. I've got it almost all sanded and ready for primer.
It might be a while before it gets done, but stay tuned. I hope it all turns out.


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That's pretty impressive. I'd love to do something stylistic like that for my Wing Commander machine... I'm kind of toying around with putting together a custom keyboard, designed to look like the WCP keyboard cover.
I don't have a laser cutter either, just my trusty dremel. It took quite a few cutting wheels to get it done. The center of the star is kinda weak, but it'll have a 1/8" acrylic sheet behind it. The Thief case mod is really impressive. I like it.
Yeah, the Thief case is indeed impressive (the effect is amazing) but I'd never get to cut the Confed Star so well anyway... No casemods for me!
All you need now on that thing are a set of wings, a canopy, some landing gear and engine nacells and your all set! Puts a new meaning to the phrase "this pc really flies!" ;)

Its amazing, and kinda curious that Origin/EA didnt think of doing this, or at least make some stickers or something for pc cabinets. Even Loaf's keyboard cover idea is excellent, wouldnt hurt to have a WC mouse pad, WC JOYSTICK (feather ruffler that one is!) and some WC mugs for that morning mud session! (morning mud---coffee)
It's actually not that bad in the center where it's cutout, but I have a piece of 1/8" acrylic that will go behind it.
So far I've cut out the centurion silhouette, painted it, just waiting to get some clear coat, install the acrylic and the lights.