Capship Comms


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One of the coolest features of the friendly capships in the Wing Commander series was the ability to check their status and have the voice of their comms officer respond. The response given was different depending on the level of damage aboard. Also, if the ship came under heavy fire, it would send out a request for help ("TCS Lexington requests assistance!", Lexington communications officer). If a fighter was shotdown, the capship would send an "Enemy target destroyed" signal.

I always thought that this brought a somewhat higher level of intensity, reality and urgency to the combat situation. One of the many small details that made Wing Commander the best in space combat games!

Will this be featured in the WC Saga mod?


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our missions are heavily scripted, additionally we have generic lines, which you have mentioned.

They work slightly different as in WC games, but have the same effect.


Well, for at least *some* of the capships, their status is probably displayed in your escort list, depending on the mission.


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Will the Saga team actually cast a communications officer for your home carrier, or will you hear a voice and see a confed insignia on a monitor?