Canadian Blu-Ray exchange


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If you have purchased the Canadian Outlander blu-ray that has the messed up aspect ratio issues (which include both opening up the matte in some scenes and cropping of all the effects scenes) and are bothered by such a travesty then all is not lost.

Anyone ordering the Canadian blu-ray from this point on *should* be getting the new disks with the corrected aspect ratio. I say should because there could possibly still be old stock lying around that some sellers might try and offload before selling the new disks. I have no info if there is any noticable changes on the packaging as well or not or if they even issued a new UPC. I will report on these things when I get my new copy.

If you have already purchased the film, Alliance Films *WILL* exchange your old ones for the fixed ones. You need to email Dione Baxter at Alliance Films: They will forward you the address to send your disk(s) to and will send back the new disks. I believe you will be responsible to cover shipping to Alliance but that is all. I'm in the middle of the process myself so I will let you know how it goes.