Can someone provide me a few images ?



i'm currently trying to create some high detail models from the WCP and WC4 Capital ships. Unfortunately, It seems that I have lost my Disks while moving into the new appartment. So I would be very happy if someone could provide me with a handfull images from the games, most prefereably from the CGI Sequenzes. I mostly need them to figure out details.

I need images from the Midway and the vesuvius. A few images are even enough, just some good view on the bridge, engine, launchtubes, and top, bottom and side view of the main body of the ships.

So if anyone is willing to help me, those 5 or 6 images per ship would be sufficient, no need to make yourself too much work :)

Can anyone assist ?

Thanks + Best regards

Starman in the world did I miss these images the first time around? These are fantastic! I gotta say, as much as I love the blocky awesomeness of the Thunderbolt, the Vampire is easily a contendor (contender?...whatever) for sexiest ship in the WC universe. The high res shots really do her justice.

Thank you, the midway promotional pictures are very useful for my purpose, nearly gave me the view on all I wanted. The rest I can remodel from my mind. Now hopefully someone can give me something similar from the vesuvius :)
You probably won't be as lucky in terms of visual coverage for the Vesuvius.

Aside from what's already on my web-site, I seem to have these DVD screen shots lying around. I realise some of them won't be very helpful, but it's all I have right now.


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Great, thanks again Wedge :) Those pictures will help me, the rest I will be able to create by myself. The engines I can mostly see from the original ingame model, or the old Saga model.

But I think I will start with the midway first :)