Can someone help me to configure my Logitech WingMan Extreme joystick for WC4?



I just picked up one of these old beasts from goodwill for $3 and would like to use it in WC4 or WC Prophecy. I downloaded the software for it and the profiler, but I tried it in WC4 and although a few buttons worked, the joystick itself only worked for the ship navigation sections not the actual flight.

I assume I need to get some sort of profile for WC4 specifically, so i figured I would ask here first since you guys probably know what you're doing.

edit: I was able to enable the joystick via alt+O but i'm still having problems...

For one, the throttle lever doesn't cover the whole range of speeds, it only goes about 10-85% range of speeds, so i cant throttle down to a complete stop with the lever.

Also the twist function of the joystick only lets me roll the ship left and not right. I tried configuring the game in the logitech profiler but nothing i changed seemed to fix it. Any ideas?

Here's a picture of the throttle options in the logitech profiler.

No matter what extremes i changed it to it wont allow me to stop the ship's speed completely. Do you think I should just return this joystick to goodwill and find something better?


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If you are using Dosbox or the windows version of WC4, then you need to calibrate your joystick in windows itself. You do this in the game controllers section of the control panel (In vista and win7 this is found under "devices and printers")


I am using the DVD version of WC4. I will try to calibrate it in control panel (I'm on windows XP)