Can nobody help me with my video problem in WcP?

Sorry, but this is kind of a bad time. Our main tech support expert, Stinger, is away for a few weeks.

Still, you might want to check if your CD-ROM and hard drive reading settings are optimised. And the sound card, too.
Found this info at Origin's Tech support page. Hope that it helps.

Movies stutter, skip, or run too fast.

We believe this problem to be related to some sound card issues, although it could be related to a certain CD-ROM setting as well. If you are experiencing this problem with your Prophecy movies, try one of these suggestions and see if your problem is not resolved.

If you have a Creative Labs sound card, try turning on "Full Duplex Sound." Just hop into your SYSTEM Properties control panel and click on the Device Manager tab.

Click on the '+' sign next to "Sound, video and game controllers."
Below this line, click once on the name of your sound card.
Then click on the Properties button at the bottom of the window.
Once you have done so, click on the Settings tab in the new properties window you are in and place a check mark in the "Full Duplex Sound" box.
If you have a Diamond Monster Sound card, try enabling "Direct Sound Safe Mode."

Double-click "Monster Sound Taskbar" icon.
Click on the Preference tab
Check "Enable Direct Sound Safe Mode."
Apply "Restart system."
For all other cards or if you continue to experience problems (Windows 98 only).

Click on START >>> SETTINGS >>> CONTROL PANEL and double click on the "Multimedia" icon.
Next, click on the "Advanced Properties" button then on the "Performance" tab.
Here, bring the "Hardware Acceleration" down to "None" and click on OK.
Try running the game again.
Note: The desdcribed solution above will disable audio acceleration in Windows 98, to restore full fuctionality for other programs simply bring the slider back to "Full".

If none of these suggestions work or they do not apply, check for proper DirectX support of the sound card. Run Dxsetup and check for lower versions, etc. Also, be sure to disable any programs that may be running in the background while you are playing Prophecy. These can often cause "pausing" throughout the entire game.


My video card has an S3 Trio64V+ chipset. Does the game support it?

We have found that installing an updated DirectX driver for the S3 Trio64V+ will correct any difficulties with this chipset. Since this chipset is found in many different video cards, we recommend that you first determine what brand of video card you have, and then visit the manufacturer's website for an updated driver. Be sure to check out our Hardware Links page for links to homepages.

NOTE: If you own a name-brand computer (i.e. Gateway, Compaq, Toshiba, etc.) you may want to check with your manufacturer first to see if they have a specific driver for your video card. Manufacturers may make alterations to the chipset so that a generic S3 driver may not work.

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