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The purpose of this thread is to gather ideas for potential WC fanfics. There was a time when this place was full of stories. It could happen again. If there is any story idea, concept, specific incident, or gray area of the series that you think will translate into a good fanfic ( posted here or otherwise), here is the place to post those ideas. It could also be ideas for the actual type of story. The type of tone and such. They could be brief synopsis or just an incident, lets get ideas for stories.

I have a number of ideas I would like to explore, time would disagree ( one things certain, musicians need to practice a lot:). I do plan on writing something, though. Even if you are not a fanfic writer, post any ideas regardless. Lets see what ideas are cooked up.

Idea: (Set around the time of Privateer) An ex-confed pilot is called upon by an old aquaintance, an extremely wealthy elderly man, to fly a very important mission. With an older Galaxy-class starship, and a crew of old friends, he reluctantly sets out to complete the mission, which turns out to be more than it seemed...
What mission? And why is it more than it appears to be? You should be a bit more informative

LOL :D Sorry man, I was just trying to throw an idea out there, not much thought actually went into it, I just figured that situation would add all sorts of drama to play with. The technicalities could be anything anybody thinks up. Maybe a conspiracy, maybe a new kilrathi super weapon or whatever...
I would like to see a Privateer-esque story, as well. It seems like the majority of the stories I have seen are all military stuff (which isn't bad, but there are other areas write about). I would like to see an Indiana Jones style adventure story set in the frontier of the Confederation.

Another story is about the Belisarius group. Maybe a story about a Confed Intel opereative who uncovers the plot and is drawn into a Tom Clancy-type tale of suspense as he tries to elude and stop the group. Reepletah also seems viable. Just some ideas of possibly interesting fanfics.
Here, I've got something privateer-esque. Actually just the beginning about a mercenary group. It definitely breaches the traditional WC genre. I've only got two or three stories up there, school work cuts into my writing time, but I'm gonna jump back into the stories soon.

Check them out, links in the sig.
Super weapons are over used...

Anyway heres an Idea for a story during the kilrathi war:

A carrier group on a covert assignment is destroyed and a large intact portion of it crash lands on a planet in kilrathi space. The survivors are stranded on the hostile planet (as in Kilrathi Controled) with very limited means and weapons. They are alone as only confed brass knows their whereabouts and they have writen off the carrier group. They are in for a fight as they trie simply to make it home alive, and they do take heavy losses along the way. As well a Kilrathi Military outpost is located on the planet. Heres some of what they need to do:

1. Battle Kilrathi infantry
2. Infiltrate, or capture part of, or all of, a kilrathi outpost
3. Get a message to Confed to send help (their fighters dont have the range in either comms or engines)
4. get off the planet alive
5. get out of Kilrathi space alive.

Of course if you dont want it to be all for nothing they can always discover some horrible kilrathi secret, or find some mistreated POW's that have been missing for ages.
something after wcp, like the Mantu come to kick ass, and the Nephilim join in, and it turns out the Nephilim are a race created secretly to attack Kilrathi and ensure the power of Confed, but they got out of control and now neither race is gonna stop till every Kilrathi and Human are dead... then as a last resort, Confed gathers up a fleet, gets as many civilians as possible, loads em into freighters, and the whole group dives into a wormhole, and goes looking for a new home for humanity

and maybe they bring along some cats...

and how about more of our good friends the Landreich? Kruger and Bondarevsky, etc., Kevin Tolwyn, whatever
I read once one furry novel serie called:
"Question of honor" and it really kick some
ass. Setting was ripped from WC3, but confed
consisted several furry races.
Story was that one kilrath ship full of
outcast was send inside confed space with no
chance to come back.
I liked it and i recommend it beacuse you don´t need to be intrested in furries to like it.

you can found it here:

Oh, suggestions.
What about novel from civilian supply convoy? With
humour it should be entertaining.

Also ground forces are not well defined so
story about confeds mobile artiellery battery sould be interesting to read. Most of warfare
is space-based so those on planet should find
it difficult to battle with enemy.
Well I've always thought that a fanfic about the war, from the Kilrathi point of view would be cool. Like how they react to say the confederation obliterating an entire battle group, or kilrah for that matter. There are always 2 sides of the story, and we haven't heard much of the furry side. Start it out when the war has begun, and follow it through until the end. It'll be long, but it should prove interesting.
Originally posted by Darth Thrakhath
something after wcp, like the Mantu come to kick ass, and the Nephilim join in, and it turns out the Nephilim are a race created secretly to attack Kilrathi and ensure the power of Confed, but they got out of control and now neither race is gonna stop till every Kilrathi and Human are dead...

Wow! That makes even less sense than most fan fiction plots... The Kilrathi are pretty much weaponless and shipless circa WCP... Confed could go in there with one of their fleets and wipe them out easily...

Originally posted by Ghost
Maybe an old alien race.....
Well in one of the books, a race of beings in the core of the universe actually frightens the Kilrathi. Maybe they could be used. What were their names? I think Mantu er something.
Nearer to the core does not mean exactly in the center. The Mantu are just nearer the center of the galaxy than the Kilrathi.
I want something about the Steltek - old-fashioned epic, The Rise and Fall of the Steltek Empire, dating back a billion years...

Okay, maybe I'm being a bit too melodramatic... :)