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There is not much to say about the Caernaven. The small, light, and cheap capital ships do most of the grunt work of the fighting forces of the galaxy. In that sense, not much has changed since the beginning of the Kilrathi War. In terms of defensibility and firepower Carnaven is well armed and is medium armored. The downside of this ubiquity is you have to be real careful 'bout identifying who the frigate belongs to. There have been dozens of documented cases of Caernaven's getting attacked by their own forces. So when you're out there in battle with a frigate or two, don't forget to check your IFF and comm units first.


I guess the top one is supposed to be the damaged skin? Could use some more burn marks (laser and missile impact), and at least one big gaping hole. :D
Originally posted by ChrisReid
Seems like the pirate one to me.. no confed logo plus dirt.

yeah, of course you are right :D

btw, do Border Worlds ships have a different skin, besides that they have no Confed logo?
It's been a while since I last played WC4, but I believe BW frigates had some kind of orange-red paintjob.
yeah, I know... I have a BW skin already done, but... in the books BW care, well, nothing more than a bunch of pirates... I am not sure if this strange paintjob looks good..

What do you think?

btw, I can upload the screenshot if you want
BW Cruisers had Red paintings instead of Blue,with a red lights instead of blue :)
And the confed folks think they are so superior, the BW crew has red blood instead of blue.