Bugs in v.4.0


i played this version for a while now - together with a friend of mine and we found a quite nasty bug - but the strange thing is: it seems to appear only in the New-Detroit-System.
When you are on a Mission ( i.e. Base Destruction ) the Target sometimes is inside the Planet of New Detroit or inside the Sun
another variant is the mission where you have to destroy some Fighters close to Planet/Sun and another Waypoint appears -> that second Waypoint is usually inside the Planet/Sun, too

and as a Merchant during Privateer-1 i have to annotate, thate the offered Commodities of the Bases are screwed up - all my Trade-Routes don´t work any more - so that might require some more attention. ( as far as it hasn t been fixed in a newer Mod-Version )
I'm sorry to say that I haven't played much of Reckoning yet. But I do remember a similar incident in the unaltered Freelancer where I had to destroy at a bunch of Rogues or some pirate group in the New York system. The nav point was uncomfortably close to the star, but fortunately as soon as the pirates popped up they were destroyed by the star's corona. Talk about easy money. :)
Mission bugs are among the things I'm trying to fix right now.
I've got an unstable DLL that I need to find a work-a-round for before I can do anything else.
Thanx for the report.