Bug in last Mcauliffe mission?


Hey guys!

I have a weird problem and hope that you will be able to help me.
I finally grabbed my copy of Wing Commander (Deluxe Edition) from the shelf again and installed it. I tried playing it with both a dedicated DOS PC (Pentium 75) and via OS/2 - neither was very successful. But finally DosBox seems to work without a problem and I managed to play fine.

Now I am at the final Mission in Mcauliffe, the one where you have to escort the transporter and I can't beat it. Oh, I manage to kill all the fighters and safe the transport, but the second I leave the jump point, the mission is lost. The transport is still fine and I also manage to beat Bhurak and his wingmen and get the transport to the Tiger's Claw, but I still lose the mission.

I have NO idea what's wrong. I tried waiting for the transport, I tried letting it jump in before I had all the fighters around the jump point killed, I tried staying close to it, but it doesn't matter. Sooner or later, I get the defeat-music and the mission is done for. Even though that bloody ship never got a scratch!
Have you tried landing after you hear the defeat music? Occassionally, the victory music never plays, even if you've won the mission. In fact, on this mission, I've had that happen when the "lost mission" music plays but when I land on the carrier I've still won.
Landed several times, because I read about that as well, but it always says "Tanker destroyed, blablabla". Fun thing is, I already DID this mission a few days ago, but noticed afterwards that I screwed up my name and decided to just do the 5 missions again. ARGH.

P.S.: First link in your sig is dead, second one leads to a page full of spyware/virus/etc stuff.
And now people start dying that aren't even on missions. I know that Bossman buys it in SM2, but why on earth did Hunter just die in a mission that didn't even involve him? Spirit died earlier while on a mission with me, even though she was still perfectly alive and well by the time I got the landing animation. ...?!