Broken Easter Egg (or not?)


Playing v1.0pre4 and I just finished destroying the Steltek Drone. No mouse problems or freeze ups noticed during jumps throughout the campaign with exception of one 40 second freeze, and one total lock-up during jumps. A few minor problems, (such as automatically jumping to Blockade Point Tango before the Stelteks finished their gun-boosting speech) the but nothing significant

I bumped into Taryn Cross's dark haired twin sister, who gave me a cleaning job to do if I wasn't too busy with dinner plans. Upon completion of this task, when I go back to the base she's on - NO MOUSE CURSOR. I had no previous problems with the mouse before. The music plays and the base animation continues; just no cursor. I have to end the game through Windows Task Manager to get out of the base screen. This seems considerably different to the similar mouse problems delineated here on board?