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My only wish is that it actually counted...
How long did it take? Even in a Longbow you need a lot of patience because your four torpedoes just do 10% damage or so on that fat thing. I used timewarp because once you have found one of those big blind spots it isn't much different to kill than any other ship. It just takes longer. Much longer :D
Took a little over thirty minutes, and I was solo in a Longbow. After the first torp I dropped into her fighter bay and just started hammering away with guns. When she got down low enough, I flew out of the bay, turned around, shot off another torp and then got the hell out of there. Switched the camera to rear view and enjoyed the fireworks. Took 5300 shots from the guns and probably would have gone faster if I A) had put more power to the guns and B) had come armed with dumbfires.