Boost Your CCG Collection (November 8, 2005)

ok, again i know this post is very old...however i just got a collection, and i wanted to know how can you tell if you have a "complete set" or more to the poing, i want to begin playing...and the manual talks about a "deck" do i pick those cards...or i have to have every card first...
There's a CIC section that answers all your questions:

Cross the cards off your list as you complete your set:

All you need to play is one 60-card starter deck (per person) to play. As you build a collection, you can customize your deck (hence customizable card game) to give yourself an edge. Then the deck you make gets shuffled before you play. It's also fun sometimes to only play with a base 60-card starter so you have to make do with what you have.
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Chris, thanks for getting back to me...i have read through CIC's ccg page and it is a wealth of info..i have printed up the card list and instructions.
i got my collection from "Six-Gun Slim" and i greatly appreciate it, however i dont know which cards are from the started box...i have more than 60 cards...

Six-Gun had both starter boxes..i have both carriers, some nav cards from both Terran and Kilrathi, pilots on both sides, ships, luck...ect..

i just dont know which ones i need to start playing with..the so called "60" card deck.
That's the customization part. You make your own ~60 card deck for each game. You only have 60 cards when you buy a starter, but you gradually build more as you buy more cards. Look at the back of the card (or the icon on the front) to see if the card belongs to the Terran or Kilrathi sides to divide things up.
Yeah, sorry I dismantled the starter decks in order to count them, then forgot to keep them in order.

@Chris: Is there some CIC-approved strategy guide for the CCG?
Many years ago we did some daily card strategies, but there isn't a "guide." I suggest you all discuss strategies here.
Chris- I will go back and resort the cards, now i know that a "deck" consistes of 60cards
Six-Gun- No need to apologize i truley appreciate the opportunity to play
I remember that my play experience was quite different from other people here (or LOAF's at least, IIRC). In almost none of the games I played (maybe even in none) did the winning side destroy the opposite carriers but the loser always ran out of power points. As far as I remember, LOAF said in almost every game played, it ended with the enemy's carrier destruction.
started checking off Six-Gun's cards, does anyone know which cards are required for play...i have more than 60...not sure if there is a "starter" list.
I think you're missing the point about what a customizable card game is. Did you finish reading the instruction manual? You need nav points and a carrier (which don't even really count) to set up the playing board. Then you need some fighters, since this is Wing Commander (and even that's not absolutely necessary!). If you have fighters, you determine what number of specialized weapon systems or ace pilots you'd like to beef up your deck. You have to balance this versus how many maneuvers and battle damage cards you want. Modifers, secret orders, medals and other cards deepen the strategy further.

If you want to stack your deck with 60 Hellcats, that's fine. The game will suck, but you can play that way. If you want to take two fighters, two pilots, two missiles and 54 maneuver/battle damage cards, that's fine too. You'll lose pretty quickly after your first fighter goes down though. So there's no answer to how many cards or exactly which cards you can take. That's half the strategy of playing a CCG (and discussing the different possibilities is a great debate).
Chris-ok, i got it now, sorry it took so long, i was under the impresion that you required a specific set of cards to start playing. I didnt realize that you can start with any cards as long as you had the basiscs, nav, carrier and so forth.

i will have to start playing and stop asking so many questions...thanks for being so patient with me...
No problem... It's a ton of fun, and everyone should play.

I've always wanted an easier way for people to play online. Programming a PC version has never worked out. I know people play some tabletop games online by taking a photo of the game board each turn, which would be too slow paced for WC. Maybe if each player had a webcam and a set of carrier/nav points they could play online that way. It'd depend on how easy it'd be to wrap your head around your cards on the table in front of you and the opponent's on a screen. Higher resolution cameras/remote control webcams/iPhone 4s/etc make this slightly more feasible today.
when it rains it pours...i just got Six-Gun's collection, finally finished checking off each one from the list... i was checking Ebay for additional cards to complete a set...and someone is selling an enourmous collection, over 3000 cards!

the odd thing is that i have been looking for a while with nothing on ebay except sealed boxes of boosters that were at the time too expensive...
I wouldnt change a thing...I really enjoy the cards i have...thanks again Six-Gun
I have boxes and boxes of commons and uncommons I'd be happy to give to anyone who's interested, for only the cost of shipping. I also have a few rares.
Any idea of how much shipping to Austria would be? The CCG always menaged to dodge my grasp so far :-( ....
I'd be happy to ship them anywhere and I'll use whatever method you want (though I think priority flat rate would be best & cheapest in the USA if you want a bulk load of cards). I can sort through them if you are looking for certain cards, or more Terran than Kilrathi, etc. I have 8-9 starter boxes of cards (previously picked of rares), so that would be 12 packs per box at roughly 60 cards each... I guess quite a lot. Let me know how many you want. And if the shipping is about $10 or less, I don't mind shipping first and getting payment later, so you can rest easy. Just want to give back to the WC community. My email is (corny old email from high school days, but it gets the job done).
Last call! I have three 800-card boxes full of common/uncommon Terran & Kilrathi cards. I'll give them to anyone who wants to pay for the shipping. If unclaimed after a couple more weeks, I'll probably donate them to Goodwill. Let me know.
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