Rear Admiral
i downloaded the videos that were bloopers of wc4 and i was wondering if there's more? if so where'd you get them from or where can i find them?
well if there were more wc4 bloopers than they would be on teh CIC. That's for sure.

Although if you manage to find any one day that CIC doesn't have, email the links or post on the forrums asap ;)
Too bad there wasn't an entire CD like they had for WC3 (Behind the Screens); that's still a fav of mine in rotation. There's probably bits and pieces here and there that could be compiled, but with the disarray ORIGIN and EA went through over the years who knows if it can still be salvaged.

(Okay, buggers, fork over the goodies...)
maybe a bit off topic, but is there a way to download the 290mb making of video of wc3 from cic? cuz when i right click on it and select save as, it says access denied or something
You were probably downloading something else already. There is a limit on simultaneous connections.