Birthday Presents!


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Happy birthday CIC.

You're the best WC site out there in the 'Net.

I hope that Wing Commander lives on!

ps: Did I won some kind of prize in that party?


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That's pretty good.. if we're lucky it'll go for under $200 by the end of the auction.


im really suprised why that game goes for so much... i guess I wont be able to really appreciate it as much as those without it...

why such a demand? wen WC3 1 and 2 slightly can be commonly found on Ebay?


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am late but happy birthday to the CIC...

I'm sad:I could be part of the party on IRC because of holidays... and I won't be able to join you since I'm now using a proxy+firewall that forbid any connection to the chat room :( bad luck... I will never win any WC stuff, but I'll be a fan forever...



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Present questions...


I knew I've won a set of WC Academy divX CDs.

Question is, how do I get my prize?

Answer is... hmmm... errr.... send my home address and phone number so it can be mailed to my home?

If the answer is yes, my question is "Is it alright for them to be sent to Jakarta, Indonesia using courier service?"


Re: Re: Present questions...

Well I sent my info to Chris... more than a week ago I believe..dunno if he actually got it or not, but what the heck :D


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Yeah, I've got them all but I'm in the middle of a horrific finals period and things are extremely busy at work. And then I go to DragonCon for five days next week. It's busy, but things should get sorted in September. Sorry for the wait.