Birth of the Confederation


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I remember many years back reading a fan fiction about the birth of the confederation - (it wasnt quite about that, but i think that was the title) which had a prologue chapter with a soldier on repleetah seeing fighters overhead and wanting to become a pilot.

since the aces central site seems to be down, im having difficulty finding that story again. Anyone have any thoughts?
I remember a fanfic with a chick who's entire company or whatnot had just been wiped out in bloody trench warfare. The main charactor was Confederation...after a fasion. A Towlyn was in the story too if I remember right but he was a "bad" guy. Been a while since I read that I'm not sure if the name of the predominate Earth government was, Republic or something. I'm paraphrasing here the beginig of the story but I do remember the main charentor being a girl and at the end she comakazi's her makeshift fighter into the enemy carrier at the end.
"As the confed fighters flew past after dropping their payload she looked up and knew her true calling was to be a pilot"
Strangly enough I think the story was called "Confederation Day". It was told to Lance Casey (from WCP) by James Taggart at Lances graduation from the academy after Tagart saw Lance was more interested in listening to music then the ceramony going on. Pretty good story...strange how I can't remember my car keys but I can remembver a story I read almost 10 years ago...
He's going to strangle me with his diabolicle hands!!!
I hope they're not dirty.....
Have you read the Series? It was pretty damn good too. I stumbled across it while trying to find "Wing Commander: Confederation" but the old lady started nagging... Havn't read either fanfic since collage. Orion series is a continuation of of another story which IIRC was written as a screenplay as was "Mustangs Run". Being RPG's you have to read them all (including Hell in a Handbasket) to get a full grasp of the timeline. Alot of the old links I saved are gone though. :( I'm surprised alot of people didn't reply with their favorite fanfics. The Holding the Line website has some of links too but most are dead too.:( Alot of people, myself at least think that because its on the web that it will be there forever sadly it isn't the case. "Wing Commander: Confederation" is there as is the background music playing to set a mood for the story. Stiill a cool story. :)
indeed it is, thanks for the link to some of the aces stories, most seem to be preserved in their reference library:

curiously though, their site for maintaining the vigilance is down, and neodevilbanes just tries to link you back to theirs, (even though his site still has all the files up:

so if you wanted that, then it can still be found (but with difficulty)

If i get really bored at some point I may collate all the aces stories i can find into one big collection (and then if i get really bored i may print em and read them!)
I know its sad but sometimes I get tired of the radio while driving work so I use a text to speech program on my laptop to read books on the way to work. Just plug the casette deck adaptor into my laptop sound and listen away. Kills time. :) And no comercials...unless I forget to bring the power inverter.
Slightly OT; but has anyone else read the WC4 comedy fic "Wing Commander 4.12346"?
I remember that being rather entertaining.
Yes, it got increasingly bizarre towards the end, but it was rather funny, if terribly crude at times.
I also remember another one of NeoDevilbane's stories "The Imperial March". That was where a second battle of Earth occurred when basically good guys of Star Wars/Wing Commander faced off with their bad guy counterparts.
Anybody have a link for that WC 4.12346 story? I looked but couldn't find it (and I forgot the author).
Yeah not like it's on the front page or its original and ebook format :p

This link is to the HTML version.

WC 4.123456
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