Hi everyone
I was just wondering..... is there a newer version of this game that runs on windows xp?? I just got the older dos version and it does not run on windows without a boot disc. second do you make a boot disc for this game? I read the instructions but it seems pretty complicated to me. Any help simplifying this procedure would be truly appreciated!!
Here you are, this program, may help you alot:


there you may find the program, which will help you to run Bioforge.

Btw, for those who knows Russian, i wrote the review on one of the Russian's Game Magazine's site about Bioforge - Bioforge - What does mean to be a Cyborg?

This Game Magazine (Game World's Navigator) created awesome *.pdf file about WC Universe, here is the link to that file from CIC Database - Game World Navigator's Wing Commander Feature

well.. heheheh.... enjoy folks :D
is it the freeze in the begining when you start the game?

I think you can get around that by disabling sound.