Big Progress & Plans for WC4 Remastered (August 20, 2023)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
The WC4 Fan Remake team is back with a thoroughly exhaustive overview of their recent progress. If you have any questions at all about the latest and greatest happenings with the project, this new video below has the details! It's full of information and beautiful WIP content. You should check out the clip for the full experience, but there is also a new article at WCRespace too with a bit more info... including a target release date! You can also find the recently updated playable demo here!

Happy Birthday, Wing Commander CIC!

As we don't have a new demo to release for this year's celebration, we thought that instead we'd share an in-depth update on the current state of the project: where we are, where we're going and, crucially, when we plan to get there!

Original update published on August 20, 2023
Phenomenal😃. The only thing that bothered me about part 4 was that the cockpit was saved back then. Your work is fantastic🙂