Big Map Appreciation Post (September 5, 2023)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Awesome! We don’t stop to appreciate that Wing Commander Prophecy somehow managed to out-map Ultima.

Honor_KA: To all my Wing Commander fans and to those playing Star Citizen. Look what I just found doing some summer cleaning.

Here’s a born digital version of you want to pour over all the references and in-jokes. They even named some systems after especially handsome and well-liked fans!

The map was developed by John "Captain Johnny" Guentzel. He was a designer on Prophecy and Secret Ops who was also, as you can tell, a huge cool nerd. In 1997, Origin put a beta version on the WCP site for fans to comment on… and of course I saved it!

It was also the basis for the map used in the Wing Commander movie intro. Longtime Star Citizen fans may remember that this used to hang behind Chris Roberts in videos! This particular version was nicely relit by Klavs:

Shocking but true: this was NOT the first time a Wing Commander game came with a standalone universe map! (Among numerous variations included in certain manuals) The FM Towns port of Wing Commander I came with this cool plastic fold-out map of the Vega Sector:

Original update published on September 5, 2023
Just spent a while looking over the map, and realized something. For some reason, out of all 48, Bing is the least searched quadrant, with only 5 systems? Hmm...