Between Mission Texts


Howdy, Saga team.

If I were to ask one of y'all really, really nicely, could I get one of y'all to PM me the between-mission texts? Nick was nice enough to send me the character bios from The Darkest Dawn and I've been slowly converting them into stats for WCRPG. I'm doing okay with the data I've got but I'd like to make sure I don't write/do anything that contradicts Saga, which is why I'm asking.

If this ain't possible, that's fine; just let me know one way or the other.
Hi capi3101

You mean the big Fiction Viewer texts? I will point Tolwyn to your post here. But have patience. ;-)
You should be able to access them if you open the missions in Saga's version of FRED. But you'll have to extract the missions from the VP-archives using VPVIEW.
Alright. I'll admit I'm not familiar with Saga's file structure. Does the correct version of FRED come with the game, or do I need to go somewhere and get it? I did get VPVIEW from them successfully.
Thanks, Tolwyn!! Hadn't had an opportunity to crack open the games yet...

The Hermes one is only 26 pages long? Seems a bit short...
The Hermes one is only 26 pages long?

This is correct.

If i remember correct, the Fiction Viewer appears 5 times in prologue campaign, so 5 chapters in the prologoue PDF.

In the main campaign the Fiction Viewer appears only one time at the beginning, so this is chapter 1 in the Hermes PDF. Chapter 2 & 3 from this PDF are not included in the campaign.
I suspected that I had gotten up to the final mission of the Prologue campaign; that pretty much confirms it.

As for the main campaign, does that mean that the entire story is conveyed via the missions? If so, that's going to present a problem to me.
Even with the Hermes fiction PDF, there are still about eight characters I've got on my list (Little John, Honeybear, Twilight, Problem Child, Codiene, Mastermind, VADM Rumley and Venom) for which all I've got is the dramatis personae.