Best looking female character?


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Liked both Panther and Sosa. DO i have to pick one??? J/k. In WC 3 i always pick Rachel over Flint. I did pick flint one time, just to see the movie clip. But i always thought that more chemistry was portrayed between Blair and Rachel than with Flint.


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damn, we seem to be having one of these threads every other month :)

well, i'd say sosa was the best looking. panther was hot too, as was flint, but sosa's the cutest.


Elizabeth Barondes (Panther) is the cutest. Saffron Burrows (movie Angel) is the most beautiful. Jennifer MacDonald (Flint) is the hottest.

Stiletto scares me :(


RACHEL!!!! She looks like she can knock your **** in the dirt and keep it there for a good while!!!

Slap me baby!!! :D


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You are easly scared... Rachel *should* scare you.

Eh... it's not that she's scary. Just... unappealing. In WC3, she was lackluster. In WCP, she resembles a background dancer from a hair metal band's music video. I like hair metal, so it doesn't scare me. :p


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I really dont like that much the females in the WC univerese...I dont know....I prefer my Girlfriend :p

Phillip Tanaka

She's not from Wing Commander, but since we're on the topic I simply love Rebecca Chambers in her secret outfit from Resident Evil 0.


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I havent played 0 ,but Rebbeca both actress and model from RE1 sucks.......:cool:

However, the actress who played Jill Valentine in the original RE1 cutscenes is absolutely adorable!

... and who could possibly find Rebecca "Crack Baby" Chambers even remotely attractive? HAHAHA! To each his own, I know :p