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Hmmmm...... I think Christopher Walken looks more like the veteran squadron leader or bad-ass marine/spy type of guy.



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Ben Affleck's too young anyway. He's too young for Jack Ryan, he's too young for a captaincy. :)

Of course.
That was a joke.
and what about Tom Hanks as Captain?


Try these badass mutha's on for size:

Skinner from X-Files (Mitch Pileggi-does that boy look like a marine or WHAT?...)

CSM, for that matter (William B Davis--more of an admiral type--in fact, he'd be excellent as Tolwyn in his later years!)


Unfortunately, most Star Trek actors will be reserved for Star Trek software, so let's count them out.

Should be a well-known name, that sells nicely.

It would be fun to see the ex-StarWars actor Harrison Ford take over... old, grim, sarcastic, placed back in rank several times because of neglecting direct orders and insubordination, passed over for promotion once too often... sounds good to me. Mark Hamill would see the fun of it too.

Same goes for Rutger Hauer. Or Bruce Willis.

Maybe we should do the same as StarTrek and bring on a female captain? Mila Jojovitch???


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great Job guys keep it up and next week I'll let you know who I picked.

If my game is made that's who'll I will ask.....I will still ask loaf though he'd make an awesome captain :D

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But...but...Michael Dorn was in Emperor: Battle for Dune...

Maybe we should see it Jurgen Prochnow is interested in making a return. :) This gives me exactly the right opportunity for:

Commander Paul Gerald
Friends call him: Paul

Divorced (estranged)

One daughter, Sandy b. 41.042


33.06 (Academy)


First Officer, CS Tiger Claw

Don't know him well at all. Reported to like camping (Terran & exotic). Competitive marksman in his Academy days.

I've onlt met Gerald a couple of trimes. Most of my information is second-hand.

An excellent hard-line, by-the-book X0. I must confess I've dawdled in giving him his own command. According to reports, his crew respect him, but they don't really follow him. Gerald's best when he's paired with a captain who's a good motivator. His day will come soon enough, however. We've simply too short on command-grade officers not to use a man of Gerald's experience.

Reported to be inflexible and a bit prejudiced. Like far too many officers who came aboard since the last war, Gerald is all too eager to blame the Pilgrims for everything from crop blight on Brack tot he latest advance in Kilrathi fighter tech. Needs to think more about the war he's in now and less about the one he missed.

Has spent almost all his career to date aboard carriers in one capacity or another, and by all accounts he knows a flight deck as well as any tech chief in the fleet. I'd like for his first command to be something smaller than a carriar, but I'd fear wasting his strongest expertise. Perhaps a carrier support ship? Staff is another possibility - seems to have a mind for strategy, but I have no evidense the man posseses even a shred of politcal sensibility.

Biggest asset seems to be an affinity for the care and feeding of pilots. Definetly knows when to slack the leash and when to crack the whip with a fighter wing. The Tiger Claw wing saw a 2% jump in his efficiency rating in his first year as XO, and continues to climb. His pilots tend to get the job done, and also to come back alive, at a significantly better-than-average rate.


The thing is, you gotta look for someone not too terribly attached to some other scifi, especially not a previous captain, because they'll bring that with them. Sisko would be seen as Sisko, not as a new captain, etc. Harrison Ford... is a good choice, but I dunno just how much he'd carry Han along with. He's moved away from that quite a bit, but not completely.

My own picks:

Tom Skerrit. He was the captain in Alien, so I'm already going against my own advice, but it was a pretty low key role in the movie, and such a rare appearance for him (I can't think of any other scifi he's done), so I think he'd do well there.

Brian Dennehey (sp?). He just strikes me as the right kind of guy for the role. A bit rough at the edges but generally soft spoken, seems like a good candidate.

Scott Bakula would be really good, but of course, he's taken now. I applaud their choice, though I still worry that watching Enterprise I'll end up expecting Al to open a door from time to time.

Tom Selleck. A great mix of humor and drama there, I think he'd be pretty good too.

And finally, John Malkovich. I'm sure you can see the potential there yourself.


NoRemorse: I know it was a joke. :)

Eh, Brian Dennehy gives me the creeps. I'm sure he's a nice man, but ever since I watched him in this TV movie about John Wayne Gacey in my law class last year I've had a weird feeling about him.

Oh, and I read that Bakula was trying to get the producers to cast Dean Stockwell in a guest role on Enterprise. So, Al may pop up, so to speak. :)

And I don't like John Malkovich. I don't know why, I just don't.

How 'bout William Peterson (currently in CSI)?

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Originally posted by Bob McDob
But...but...Michael Dorn was in Emperor: Battle for Dune...

And he was the original voice of the Guardian in Ultima IX... and, of course, was on Wing Commander Academy.


212 Squadron - "The Old Man's Eyes And Ears"
David Warner is too old to be a captain, and he sounds too distingiushed. Besides, he was already Tolwyn.

Kevin Conroy would also make a kick-ass hard lined officer.

Rutger Hauer is an excellent choice, Stormbird.

A really good Captain would be Brock Peters. Or Frank Langella. :)


How about Janeane Garofalo? She's got a nice "you really underestimated me, didn't you?" look.

Or Jimmy Nail, rough, ugly British bloke, make a kind of warts and all captain.


Originally posted by LeHah
David Warner is too old to be a captain, and he sounds too distingiushed. Besides, he was already Tolwyn.

Kevin Conroy would also make a kick-ass hard lined officer.

Rutger Hauer is an excellent choice, Stormbird.

A really good Captain would be Brock Peters. Or Frank Langella. :)

David Warner is too old, but Frank Langella not ??? :confused:


212 Squadron - "The Old Man's Eyes And Ears"
Frank Langella is only a year older, acording to IMDB.

I dunno, Warner seems like an old Navy Captain, like a Horatio Hornblower. Langella just seems like the kinda guy who's been stuck captaining the same ship for his whole life.

Thats me though. They're both terrific actors.