best captain


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Well guys, I have been wondering who you guys think would make a good cvaptain for the next WC game.

here are my thoughts

1. Christopher Walken
2. Robert Patrick or
3. LOAF :D
4. Pierce Bronsin ( I know I slaughtered that name)
5. The guy who played tolwyn in the WC movie

what do you guys think, who would make the best captain?:confused:
Wha...? None of these guys...

I'd like to see Michael Ironside as Kruger though, one of these days...
Gérard Depardieu or Christian Clavier... hehe :D
No, don't blame me, that was a joke !!!!!!

Russell Crowe ?
Ben Affleck ? (Oh no, that is not funny... when I see him flying a P-40, I don't want him as a captain.)
How about the guy who played Cisco on DS 9. I like him better in that role than as the head of an Assassin organization.
Chris Walken looks like he should be a member of Confed Intel (he has that hatchet-faced I'll kill you soon as look @ you aura about him).

The dude who played Tolwyn in the film....nah....remind us too much of That Film.

LOAF - YAYAYAYAY! (removes lips from LOAF's bottom)

Robert Patrick............hmmm.

Who else.......who else, who else.....How about Sheridan from Bab 5?
how about the guy who played WORF. Have a game that he is in as a captain seen only the first part but he may make a good wing commander captain.
Sisko what a great Idea!
what are your guys's thoughts on michael dorn
why do you think he would make a good captain? :confused:
What about Christopher walken as your first officer?
the guy who played Tolwyn is David Warner.

Best captain? Let's see...some good one's could be Willem Dafoe, Laurence Fishburn, or how about Michael Caine?
I must vote for Bruce Boxleitner, the man who played Captain/President John J. Sheridan on B5, he would be amazing as a captain of anything.
Wulf: Laurene Fishburne, eh? Or as he's known in my house, Laurence "Too Good For Larry Anymore" Fishburne.

Greywolf: Yeah, like Ghost said, Sisko was played by Avery Brooks (or Hawk from Spencer for Hire). Hmmm, I always confuse his name with James Avery from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire.

NoRemorse: Ben Affleck's too young anyway. He's too young for Jack Ryan, he's too young for a captaincy. :)

My vote goes for Bruce Campbell of the Evil Dead movies. I don't know why, but there ya go. ;)