Belated Happy Birthdays (January 27, 1999)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Well, exams are over and the CIC is back to business. Hopefully there'll be some exciting movie news any day now... over the last few days we've missed a few important birthdays - check 'em out.January 22 - Hadrian, CIC staff member and inventer high quality natural spring water, is 17.January 23 - Trelane, staff member who'll open up a bag of Pikachu on you if you don't wish him a happy birthday, is 18.January 24 - Matthew Lillard, who plays Maniac Marshall in the Wing Commander Movie is 29. See him and Freddie Prinze Jr. (Chris Blair) in "She's All That", opening friday.

Original update published on January 27, 1999
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