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Kind of a funny entry I found in the production diaries for Hellboy: the animated series.

But what about BLOOD AND IRON? We recorded ADR with Ron Perlman on Friday (sorry, Helen, no pictures). He had only about an eighth of an inch of hair, if that. "This is grown in," said Ron. He is playing a Viking in a live action movie which requires him to shave his head. It also requires him to perform shirtless, at night, in HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA!! Ron's comment?

"Hardest nipples ever."

Ron also said his "father" was appearing in the movie - John Hurt.
Another extra had an interesting story to tell, and it also seems the other extras spoke highly of her as well:

Drakaina featured in new sf/fantasy blockbuster Outlander

Yep that’s right, just a couple of days after landing in Canada, I was auditoned for one of the principal parts in the upcoming Blockbuster Outlander to play a viking warrior.. needless to say my agent knew the part would fit me as a glove ~~~

The audition went very well but at the end I didn’t get the part, probably due to the fact that my french accent was still to strong at that time

But it’s ok I am part of the background vikings (and it’s an ongoing process, not just a bakground gig for which you’d go for a few hours and then not be called back the next day ) which is a lot of fun cause, on top of the other viking being very friendly, almost like a family, it’s kind of nice to be a kid again, allowed to play in the mud without being lectured ~~~

On top of it, this is my first time in a Hollywood production, which I find very cool after moving in the country just a few months ago, it’s different from french productions though ..and I like it that way

I was asked if i didn’t mind doing background performance and honestly I don’t : when I left France I knew I’d probably have to start from scratch(spelling please?) again so it’s like starting all over again, but with the wisdom I gain from the past 6 years as a professioanl model and artist back in France ...

It seems another extra who goes by ze_insider spoke highly of her as well
Thursday, Nov 30 2006
Hey guys
I've been working on the halifax set as a BG performer and I thought I'd come here to give you some infos on how everything is going..
The crew (ADs) is great and the BG performers are very well taken care of (not like what happened in Newfoundland), lots of foods in between actual meals, friendly atmosphere..
The background are like a big family, everybody is extremely friendly and having loads of fun (despite the long hours standing in the rain or in the cold ;)), the costumes are cool too and the overall set is wicked ~~~
I also met an actress from France there, her name is Drakaina, she originally auditionned for the part of Sonja i think but at the end the production picked another actress instead.. So she came as a background and I was really surprised by how nice and easy going she was on set.. I mean the girl is pretty well known in her country, she is a famous fantasy art model and actress and she was as sweet as a pie...
Anyways being on that movie was great and I surely hope it turns out as good as planned.
There shouldn't be much more exterior shooting now as we are getting close to the end
talk to you soon


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Still waiting for the weekly version of the Hypaspace program (witht the extended Outlander segment) to go online but in the meantime They've got a roughly 4 minute interview up with John Hurt in the Dec 8 Hypaspace podcast. Have a listen as he describes to some legnth the movie's setting and plot. Some very interesting stuff here:

*Note: The interview is part way in at about 4:45* Is now officially online. Thanks to the CIC for hosting services.

For all of you that have been following this thread, most of the info here is included in an easier to grasp fashion. Updates will now be made there but this thread is going to stay available for discussing aspects of the film and it's production.

Don't forget to check out the nearly 8 minute making-of feature.
Here's an interesting tale worth sharing from one of the extras (a rower actually) who goes by the handle mcjanes:

i just wanted to correct you on something the man who did all the rigging on the ship was not a dutchman hes danish :)
Hey everyone.

Just wanted to say nice site ... and great info on the film ... its nice to see some of the stuff from the otherside of the 'behind the scenes' of the movie.

I do have a quick question, and I hope no one takes offence to it. I need to contact someone who is running the site that links to these forums. The site is ...

The reason I am asking is due to I am one of the Animators discussed on the main page info ... and would like to clarify a small issue.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there Kev. Any questions or comments can be e-mailed to

Alternately, you can PM me here on these forums. Any info is apreciated especially where clarification is needed.

Thanks for stopping by. We always apreciate hearing from those who are hard at work on the film.
im a newfoundlander

my brother and my dad was extars in this movie:)
No Credit

I see lots of the beautiful work done by the Construction and Scenic Depts. With barely a name mentioned in the Credits! This movie is all about the location sets! Some of the best done recently. Cheers to all those that toiled long and hard to produce such impressive Sets.
Credits! What Credits?!

I see a lot of pictures of the beautiful Set and Scenic work done for this film.

The Credits certainly don't reflect any acknowledgment of those responsible for their creation!

This movie is all about the magnificent Sets that were produced by numerous talented artists on the East Coast of Canada, (Nova Scotia & Newfoundland).

Disappointing that those responsible for establishing the credits didn't see fit to include the names of those that gave this movie their all and produced some of the most spectacular Set Construction and Scenic work bar none!

Cheers to all those unacknowledged souls that made this movie possible.
Just watched this tonight. Really enjoyed it. Checked out the wiki entry to find it got pretty much panned and bombed.

Makes no sense to me at all. Especially when the Sex in the City movie and the recent Harry Potter did so well.
Just watched this tonight. Really enjoyed it. Checked out the wiki entry to find it got pretty much panned and bombed.

Makes no sense to me at all. Especially when the Sex in the City movie and the recent Harry Potter did so well.

The wikipedia article for this is really stupid, and it's organization would lead you to believe things that arent really the case. Plus it was hardly panned by all critics. It got one really mediocre to bad review from variety but many genre reviewers rated it quite well (including aint it cool). And as far as bombing, the weinsteins never gave it a chance to bomb. But it's been doing quite well on home video so far, including debuting in the top spot in the UK last week... (#2 depending on which charts you are looking at). The weinsteins burried it's theatrical release and didn't promote it *at all.* So simply reading some wikipedia entry doesn't give you the whole story.