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No. I don't like beer much. I just drink it with groups because everyone else does. I prefer hard liquor such as Jack Daniels.


Jack Daniels?
Hard Liquor?
thats funny, are u being serious.
anything under 120 proof is not considered hard.
and if ur still clueless, go ask for everclear... that will straighten u out.
I work in a liquor store. Jack Daniels is labeled under the "hard liquor" section, as it is neither beer, nor cordial, nor wine cooler.
I'm going by a monthly liquor ordering book. You're going by opinion. One is fact, one is opinion.
And laws may vary state to state and country to country as to what is "hard".
Beer is more than alcohol. Beer is an ancient brew that calms fears and sharpens the mind (and by that I mean that useless thoughts are temporarily removed). It quenches thirst, it nourishes the body, it quells dumb thoughts and dares you to let loose. Beer is a staple diet of ancient, medieval and modern man. Like bread, beer has always been around.

Beer is more than alcohol, more than liquor; beer is even more than beer. Beer is a philosphy, a way of life, and the best damn thing to have alcohol in it.

I prefer German beer. At the moment, my preferred brand is Canada's version of Holsten, which pales in comparison to any beer actually for sale IN Germany, but it gets me by.

Beer smells terrible and makes your breath smell worse than it already does. Aside from the fact that it basically numbs you to the rest of the world, what is the value of beer? I will never understand it's appeal. None for me thanks, I'm driving!
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And laws may vary state to state and country to country as to what is "hard".

Um, no.

Alcohol distributors and importers are known for working between states and countries. Why would they sell something at one place and call it something else somewhere else? That would just confuse people.
because they change their product for the locals it sells in.
example, Mike' Hard Lemon Aide.
the version sold in the US has a low percetage of alcohol than the Canadian version, all to meet local laws, or in this case, country laws.

companies have to change thier products to meet certain standards set by a governing body, and thats where u r getting confused.
I've been drinking Legally for 4 Years, I life in the UK where the Drinking Age is 18 (To Buy Alcohol anyway, you can drink it at the age of 5, as long as you have your parents consent and are in your own home, weird no?) , Beat That :D:D:D
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The legal drinking age is 21, set nationally.

This may have changed, but military personnell could drink beer on base at 18.