Bearcat redone again....


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Been slowly reworking the Bearcat yet again (think this is about the 4th or 5th time so far). Getting all these little standardize components mapped is a PITA...

Finally got the cockpit frame to smooth properly, cockpit tub will be eventually replaced

Imported into the Unreal 4 engine....

Wheels are fully animated, however until FSO support dae animation, they won't be useable in FS2, too many separate moving parts.
About 450K triangles, cockpit interior needs to be redone, engine intakes should get remodeled. LOD 1 level should dramatically drop the number down.
One question if I may:

I like where this is going however, the tachyons on the Bearcat were able to auto-track targets. How does the shape of the gunports allow them to do this? They look rather tightly squeezed in on the vertical axis. The guns do look like they'd track well horizontally at least.
I don't remember the Bearcat having auto-tracking. I do remember it being nearly impossible to hit anything with both sets of guns because they were so far apart.
It's been so long since I played 4. Anyways I'm using U4 because it's free, and frankly it's easier to import the model and see updates quickly than using the FSO engine (which btw it does run in well, at least with a Lighting 290x.)

I'm just waiting for Cryengine to follow suite. Getting the models to run in Star Citizen would be nice, but I'm not really dealing with it until it's finished, no sense in trying to make it compatible with an unfinished moving target.
You know, it kind of has a bit of a Hellcat in its look. Am I just seeing things or were you attempting to bring in more of a Hellcat inspiration into the design. If so, excellent work.

PS I love all of the little details... especially that sensor array. A feature so rarely seen in WC.
Hmmm never thought about that. My main line of thinking was, I can't do a million greebles like S.C. models, it just wouldn't look WCish (heck even the Kilrathi isn't nearly that greebled). I decided to go with panels and small details. I would have liked to added more panels but it would start looking like it was patchworked. The big thing I'm going to have to deal next with is panel scribing (like what you use to do with physical models to bring out panel lines). That's going to take some rethinking on my part. The panel lines I've used in the past look ok, but somehow I don't think they would fit in nicely here.


Cockpit is finally coming together, I merged some of mine with one of the SC cockpit models, reworked and optimized. I think SC is using some sort of tessellation in their meshes and I'm not familiar enough to work with that.
Time for a massive update... kinda forgot about this thread.... since the last time I've posted: I''m using Substance Painter & Designer for a lot of the work now, extensive use of decals and a more complicated shaders to help deal with the number of textures and a nice bonus feature of being able to adjust the amount of wear & tear.