Battlestar Galactica Online Game Rumored (January 8, 2007)

Cpl Hades

Mr. Kat
Early last week, the EB Games website started listing a Battlestar Galactica Online game for the Xbox 360 prompting excitement from Battlestar Galactica fans everywhere. The title has never been officially announced, and within a day the listing was removed. An official statement from the listed publisher Vivendi Universal stated that "EBGames has removed the information because it was not accurate. Vivendi Games has not announced a Battlestar Galactica game. We cannot comment any further as it is our policy to not comment on industry rumors." So neither a confirmation nor a denial.

It should be noted that EB Games has a history of listing unannounced titles then removing them - EA Replay 2 is one such title. Such listings are sometimes accurate but can often turn out to be completely made up. Battlestar Galactica was voted the show with the best WC vibe in our poll just two months ago, and in the following poll the Xbox 360 was voted the preferred non-PC platform for a new WC game, so if the game is real it could have a large following of WC fans.

Original update published on January 8, 2007
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Very nice but
(created by warthog) already has the colonial ships from the new series, as well as the centurions.

It would be a very slick job to simply upgrade the cylon ship models, re-record the voices, and insert countless of hours of footage with Baltar talking to Caprica.
That game was pretty horrible though...just upgrading ships and graphics wouldn't be sufficient, a completely new look at the gameplay would be needed.