Avatar vs. Psychopath


Which of these two personalities (Avatar and Psychopath) did you like better and think was the better fighter?

I found Avatar to be fairly annoying so I'd rather fly with Psychopath (I liked flying with him better) Psych seemed to be a slightly better pilot too, just IMO. Though I probably wouldn't socialize with either much back on the carrier. ;)

Note, I love WCS and my mild dislike of Avatar isn't a knock against the WCS creators, I think it's to their credit that they created characters we end up having emotions towards.
While Avatarr certainly deserves a dressing down / paycut / whatever for his attitude against women (every day) I would prefer him as a wingmen. He may be annoying but if Psychopath is only half as insane as he sounds I wouldn't like him to be my wingman because he doesn't sound reliable.
On the other side: I guess he isn't really insane, it is just the way he talks. I doubt confed would let a real lunatic fly... At least I hope so.
I just think it's very progressive of Saga's writer to include such a non-traditional couple. :)
I didn't invent either of the two characters, but as I wrote dialog for them I had a few ways I liked to think of him.

Personally- and I know this was not the way he was officially conceptualized and was not actively pursued in the way the game was written- I always thought of Psychopath as actually being sociopathic (and by that I mean actually having an Axis II personality disorder, most likely Narcissistic personality disorder with features of Antisocial Personality Disorder) and wanting to inflict pain as a primary form of actually being able to feel emotion (otherwise, he has a tendency to feel either numb or dysphoric, agitated, unsettled, and contemptuous towards most of his peers), with the war simply providing an outlet for those impulses that otherwise he may have expressed in potentially criminal ways. I saw him as being someone with dark impulses who was right on the boarder of being a "villain," but having him on your side. I toyed around with the concept of him being aware that he was only a few steps away from being a serial killer, and that opened up the possibility of him either not wanting to become one so desperately trying to contain those impulses towards humans but letting them loose on Kilrathi, or simply having him see the war as an opportunity to fully express his impulses and feel fully alive. But, we never really went that far. Those were just some of the concepts I found myself bouncing around in my head with regards to the character, but I thought he had the potentially to be a very complex, disturbing, and interesting wingman.

Avatarr, on the other hand... once again he wasn't my creation, I just worked with him to some degree. In Saga's final form, he is actually toned down a lot... a whole lot. To be honest, since I didn't create the character, I never really got past conceptualizing him as a mere womanizer. I always wondered if the character was really that shallow, but I liked to think it was a facade he put on, a piece of bravado as a way to keep himself from being troubled by the horrors of war. I felt that there were one or two missions were we got to see deeper into who he really is, as opposed to what he shows the world.
It is a shame that none of those ideas really came through in the final release. While I've seen those types of characters before, it does add a bit more to their personalities.

Although, I am disturbed that Avatarr was 'toned down' - the way he is now, I thought he was rather over-the-top (with regards to his sexual harassment).
The problem is that it comes off as "THIS IS SO COOL, CHECK THESE COOL GUYS OUT" instead of some sort of cautionary tale about being enormous jerks.
The problem is that it comes off as "THIS IS SO COOL, CHECK THESE COOL GUYS OUT" instead of some sort of cautionary tale about being enormous jerks. Which is... just... no one walks away from Saga thinking Psychopath and Avatarr aren't awful. Versus Wing Commander II, say, where you have obnoxious characters but the whole point of the story is giving them their comeuppance.