ASSM - Aginor's Saga simulator mission


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Hello everybody!

There were numerous requests for a simple simulator mission for Saga already, so I decided to create one.

You can choose between different ships, weapons, numbers of wingmen and enemies ingame.
The mission briefing tells you everything you need to know about the mission.

If you have any remarks or feature requests feel free to post your ideas here.

Have fun!


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I've really enjoyed this one, especially the capship part. A Kilrathi-Version as part of your Kilrathi Mod would be nice.

I also think that some music might be nice, maybe some Saga Music, the Simulator Music from WC1 or the Confed Music from WC: Armada. (The latter is in Kevin Caccamo's Asset Pack for the WCS Demo, which were recorded by me using the Soundfont Chorium. It's ok for me if you wish to use it but I would also ask Kevin

I think it would be also nice to have a variant of the capship part in which those capships are being escorted by fighters.
I'm not particularly familiar with how data is handled in Saga. If I want to check out the demo, what exactly do I need to do with the file I just downloaded?
I guess I will post another version or so in the future, and yes, I also plan to do that for my Kilrathi mod.

You just have to put the extracted mission in the missions folder (normally in your profile, that depends a bit on your OS):
Something like "/documents/Volition/Wing Commander Saga/data/missions"
It may happen that the missions folder is not there, in that case simply create it. :)
I grew up on the Usenet and this was NOT what I was expecting from an ASSM post. ;)

<snicker />:D:eek::rolleyes:
Just typed than in on Wikipedia - Aginor, I'd suggest maybe giving the file a different name......

Back on topic, now that I've got the file in /Volition/Wing Commander Saga/data/missions, how do I access it? Do I need to be in the main campaign within Saga?
Originally I wanted to call it ASS (which means "Ace" in German and... well, it means ass in English of course) but I decided that maybe Spam filters may not like ASS which is why I added the 'M'.
And actually I also remembered that usenet group but decided to keep the name anyway, just for teh lulz.
I also have some usenet experience (although comp and sci were the places I preferred, not alt) and since I wanted to have a wacky name for the mission anyway I decided to just go with it.

Btw: It is also the name of a Database managing engine (Oracle's Automatic Segment Space Management), which I found really funny when I first heard of it during my studies in 2005 or so, because of the reasons stated above.

I think I'll keep the name anyway. Most people don't know usenet anymore these days so it hardly matters.
Also I wonder whether I should post a catsniffing story on ASSM if it still exists. :D :D :D :D :D.
...JK, I won't do that.

Just click on the tech room, then on mission simulator. choose single missions instead of campaign missions, then you should see it.
It has been a LOOONNNGGGG time from my last post.

Anywho trying to DL this and I do not have a missions folder in my saga directory nor do I see where the campaign missions are even stored. Any tips? Thanks in advance fellas!