Arjak's Combat Log

*Blows the dust off flight stick*

Sorry, guys. [lying]I've been really busy lately.[/lying]

Let's see if I can play some more soon...
To celebrate the release of the Wing Commander expansions on, I am going to be rebooting this thread. Stay tuned!
Man, I saw this and it wasn't until the second page that I realized how old the thread was. It also reminded me of something I wanted to do.

On, there's a forum section called "After Action Reports" which document a playthrough of a level/mission in a sim (usually a realistic or at least semi-realistic flight sim, such as DCS A-10 or Jane's F/A-18) with text and pictures. Some of these read like fun little stories. I've been wanting to do this ever since I went back to it. Wing Commander's various cameras would make this easy, maybe if I can get around the fact that some of the better-view cameras make everything look like unrecognizable amorphous blobs.
Here's a post from one of the better AAR writers:
They're cool reads.

Even though I had played the first two missions before I came back to the game, I was very young when I did and had a bad tendency to.. really suck.. at games like these, so being able to understand what to do made even these first missions a very new experience for me.

I'm not even done with this game and I'm playing through it the way it was more or less meant to be played, only reloading upon death or losing the game (thankfully, the former only happened when being stupid in asteroid fields or being rammed by enemies who think they're in a constant jousting competition and the latter only happened.. when I died).

I wound up losing the Drayman on the final mission with Paladin (I think that was the one with the Drayman) and then found myself flying with Maniac on my side for most of one mission - the first one of Brimstone. It was ironic that the very moment he decided *not* to be belligerent and actually formed up on my wing (though not by my command) was when he died. I was looking behind to make sure he was with me when his ship blew up! The next missions were, by extension, very awesome, including the final Brimstone mission. However, I learned quickly that flying a Scimitar is by no means good news. I wanted my Hornet back. Hate it. Currently I'm a Rapier driver though =].
Since the world hasn't ended, let's get this party started again!

Wing Commander 1

Saturday, December 22, 2012 - 10:00 AM

It has been about a month since I passed the final test in combat training in the simulator, and I've finally graduated from the academy, with top marks to boot! Because of my good standing, It has been decided that I shall be serving aboard one of the Confederation's best carriers, the Tiger's Claw. I was so excited that I had nightmares of failure last night. Unfortunately, the ride over to the Claw wasn't as pleasing as I'd hoped it would be. Some kid everyone called "Maniac" wouldn't shut up the whole way. I wanted to open the airlock and shove him out. Unable to do so without the likelihood of a court martial, I was forced to just smile and nod with the rest of the cadets as Maniac went on about how he was going to be the greatest pilot the Confed had ever seen. Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it.

The other pilots seem much more level-headed for the most part. Iceman is so level-headed that it's actually kinda scary. When he looks at you, you feel like he can see right into your soul, and that he doesn't like what he sees. When Maniac tried to pull the same crap once we got to the Claw, Iceman just scowled at him and this shut him up for a little bit. I like this guy already.

Once I get acquainted with the ship and my fellow pilots, I think I'm going to head down to the recreation deck to try the simulator. I don't want to get rusty before a real mission. According to the latest ship newsletter, they lost a couple pilots fairly recently and it's got everyone a little shook up. The Kilrathi are a dangerous foe, and I want to be ready for them.
12:10 PM

Well, the simulator didn't go nearly as planned, but I did get to meet some some of my fellow pilots, Paladin and Angel. Both of them were really kind and gave me some combat tips. It seems like a fairly nice group of people.

Enyo System

I flew two missions today in the Enyo system, both with the pilot named Spirit. She really knows her stuff, but is quite humble about it, making her the polar opposite of Maniac.

Mission 1

The first mission I flew was a fairly simple Recon; all we had to do was scout out a few nav points. We ran into a group of Kilrathi ships near nav points one and three, but they were no problem. Unfortunately, a group of asteroids had drifted into the area of the second point, which we just had to put up with. After all of that, it was a simple flight back to the Tiger's Claw. I'm thankful for getting a fairly simple first mission. It really helped to get the nervousness out of my system.

Once back on the Claw, I went to the bar to unwind and ran into Spirit and a guy called Hunter. Spirit congratulated me on a good first mission, letting me know that the Colonel seemed quite pleased with my performance. Hunter, seems pretty cool; he seems to really enjoy mixing it up with the furballs, which I can appreciate, even if I don't share the same level of enthusiasm.

Mission 2

The second mission was to escort a Drayman Transport to a nearby jump point. I once again flew with Spirit. The transport was waiting for us as we left the launch bay, and we began our trip.

There was an asteroid field directly between the Claw and the jump point, so we were forced to take a detour to a nearby nav point and go around the rocks. As we neared the nav point though, a couple Kilrathi ships were waiting to ambush the transport. Thankfully, they retreated quickly after a brief show of force. We were attacked again as we neared the jump point, but we made short work of them. The Drayman jumped out of the sector without issue.

I decided to take the same path back to the Tiger's Claw as we took on the way to the jump point, so we could avoid the asteroids. As we rounded the field, we ran into a couple more Kilrathi ships. After that, it was smooth flying back to the Claw.

During debriefing, a rather pleased Colonel Halcyon that he wanted to see me later that day. I was quite nervous, even though I had just been praised by him for a job well done. It turned out that he was only letting me know that I was being transferred to another squadron, the Blue Devils. I will be flying a Scimitar attack fighter on my next mission. I went to the rec room to celebrate and ran into a couple pilots from my new squad, Knight and, funnily enough, Iceman. They were arguing about the pros and cons of the Scimitar. Apparently, it's got a lot of weapons and armor, as Knight said, but Iceman was quick to warn me that it was slower and harder to handle. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to adjust, but I should probably study up on it anyway.
Wow, being AWOL is one thing, but this is just insane. I might try to start this back up again soon, assuming anyone cares.