Anyone ever wish for a true WC RTS game?


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Originally posted by dacis2
Impossible, but I'd like to see it. Although the chances of it coming out are near 0....

Well I mean I'd not complain, but IMHO WC should better stick to its genre.


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Well,I wouldnt say "no" to anything new about WC......but I would prefer a "Space Simulation"


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personally, i think it would kick ass if they made a WC RTS. course, like you said, the chances of that are practically 0


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i believe there's a mod for star trek armada, that replaces the start trek craft with wing commander craft...


Ah, ye olde Invasion, i loved that.....just be carefull with the Plunkett class, it has bad movement scripting.....and the Kats were never finished......


whoa whoa whoa! you actually want a thread to STAY on topic? I've only been here a short time, but i can see that is a pretty tall order.


If I dig thru my old #wing-commander DALnet log from 1996 I can find a chat with Deathlok about a possible "WC game like command and conquer". Of course that would come out after Maniac Missions which was supposed to come out right after WCV. Like any of those ever happened :p

I could dig up that old chat if you REALLY want to see it


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The ability to speech and type can do wonderful things, can't it?

I remember when he told he had lunch with Chris Roberts.