Anyone else play the guitar?


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Originally posted by pygmypiranha
LOAF you have a band? Very awesome...! Any MP3s or anything for download so we can all hear? :D

Sunshine of Your LOAF: The Crossroads Experiment isn't technically an authorized cover band, so distributing MP3s would violate the copyrights of Universal International Music, which would in turn get us in possible troubles, which we'd like to avoid. Grin.

Feel free to come to one of our gigs some time though. Our schedule is currently empty, but we're booked to play at Frosty's box social in the Fall if you're in the Connecticutt area.


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Hello, I don't post here very often (I don't know a lot about Wing Commander)but I thought I would join in anyway....

I play the guitar, I have a bad accoustic guitar and an Ibanez RG550 which was expensive and I never seem to play it....

I'm hoping to start a band whn I go to university next month.