Any screenies of the Kilrathi in Super Wing Commander or Armada?


Bandit LOAF said:
It was the subject of a two part story in Season 4 ("Affliction" and "Divergence").

Oh I see. I haven't seen past Season 3 since it was screwed up here.
Well I guess that kind of jumbles up my point I was trying to argue across. I'll shut up now.

But personally I reckon trying to argue such a thing gets a little too complicated and for no reason. It's like the flightsuits in academy. They're basically the same as WC3 onwards with a little extra. The argument here would be that they went from the academy suits, to the red ones we see in the movie, to the brown/blue we see in 1 and 2, to the ones seen in 3 and 4 (which are basically the same as the academy ones).
It's too much fussing around. In away it's much simpler to just ignore things and chose the image that suits you best. The same reason Bluehair became Mark Hamil. It's just appearance. If you want to read the WC3 novel and imagine a blue haired Maverick, it works well.


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I would like to offer my theory on why the Kilrathi look as they do in the movie. Here goes!...

Just like how many Earth television shows were eventually picked up by the Kilrathi (we see this in the novels as Bugs Bunny is referenced over comms by a Cat pilot), one of which was Austin Powers. And in this movie, this group of Kilrathi saw Mr Biggelsworth being petted by Dr. Evil...a human petting their next closest of kin in the universe! This was a grand insult of such magnitude to these Kilrathi that they decided to shave themselves, and kill many enemies in that state to avenge Mr. Bigglesworth's spirit. May he rest in peace...:p :p


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The Kilrathi never changed! It's all in your head, the results of government mind control! By making you THINK there are different Kilrathi, they can keep you distracted from bigger issues! Like legislating cream cheese! Put a tin foil hat on and you'll see! Bahahahaha!


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t.c.cgi said:
Put a tin foil hat on and you'll see! Bahahahaha!

I know of a fellow from washington state that seriously had to wear metal hats. he had some kind of dissorder where essentially he was allergic to electric current... more specifically though the field generated from A/C currents in North America that fluctuates at 60Hz. It would give him seizures and other nasty symptoms so he moved to south america where the power grid is considerably more erratic. (although I dont know if South America is on 60 Hz or not or if its 50Hz like in europe)


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My favourite depiction of the kilrathi is WC2. and the concept art for the movie kats looked pretty good.