And now my monitor's wierd...


Vice Admiral
Everything is purple. It's like looking at the stuff on my screen through a purple filter. And trust me, this monitor is not old enough to die yet. any ideas?


Hmm.... Well, I have seen this problem on old monitors, but if yours isn't old... try changing around the color temperature settings.
Well, this monitor isn't really old, but it would seem that a wire may have snapped in the cable or something... a new monitor is on its way though.

Oh, and I got a new 3D Accelerator card. I have FFVIII too. By the minimum requirements, I have what I need to run the game smoothly. Yet, when lots of polygons appear (More than three people on a screen, world map, battles), it slows down like hell. I didn't have this problem for Wing Commander: Prophecy, Secret Ops or FFVII.

Is it my processor, or the card that's affecting FFVIII, or what could the problem be?