an unofficail Broadsword variant?


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Well..., not exactly.

I was cruising through Scifi-meshs, look for some blue-prints for future models when I stumble across the attached picture.

It's supposed to be a blue print of the C-131 Broadsword, but it's not exactly 100% match to the movie.
for his defense, the guy did wrote:

"Here's my version of the CF-131 Broadsword Bomber. It's not exactly the same as the movie version. I didn't have a good picture for reference at the time this was done. I have since gotten the Official Wing Commander Confereration Handbook. I'm still working on the front view. Once again, this was done with MSN Paint, so please excuse the quality or crudeness.

Official info, it's 12m long and about 4m wingtip to wingtip."
You can find his thread at Scifi-meshes under"

It does looks nice.
That's no Broadsword - it's an A-10 Thunderbolt blueprint with a bit of adaptation (mostly in only using the outer panels of the wings instead of the full span) and the addition of some torpedoes roughly where the torps were in the movie.
Yap, thats exactly what he was told in his thread, to which he replied:
"Like I said....I did this before I got the book or the movie. The A-10 seemed to me to be the basis for the movie ship but now I have the book and actual pictures of it...... Well I did say it needed work still..."

still, it a nice concept.