An Explanation for UE and a warning


Due to the debate about UE's lagging a few days back, I'd like to offer an explanation. I worked on the UE project as fiction writer (Back then I was The_Doc). The point is, back in June and July and August, we were a whirlwind of activity. Everyone had the time to do everything. August had some of us going on vacation, but we barely noticed. What killed\hurt the project was September, when summer vacation was over and we returned to our (partially) normal lives. We lost time we could never recover. Another problem was that we lost momentum. When you have a group of people working together who only talk every three days or so, the worst thing that can happen is that you will lose momentum. It's far worse than it sounds, because people decide that they'll just work only as hard as the other people are working, and it turns into a downward spiral of slacking off. UE had and still has a lot of promise, though many have bitched at it for a strange plot, Pedro, Asterisk and I did our best to make it realistic. This is also a warning to others who set out to do a major project : Whatever you do, don't slow down. It's very hard to speed back up again.

- The Doc, now Mephisto
Hi Doc

He is ofcourse correct, hehe I was actually working very hard even when in started while I was taking my GCSE's however I am taking my A-levels more seriously therefore leaving me with little time. Hope to have the files up soon along with plot, mission outlines etc.
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