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For some time people asked us if we could bring some light into WC Saga..special screenshots. We allways told you that its possible but didn't showed it.
Now I made some screenshots showing different lightsettings. These settings are easy to adjust so that everyone can have the amount of light he wants.

The screens aren't beautyshots so no nancy fancy background and the ship itsself is still in rework progress but enough of the are the pictures...from dark to light
Ambient set 75
Ambient set 90
Ambient set 100
Ambient set 120
Ambient set 160

Just got the idea...tell me what ambientsetting you like the most and we will see that new screenshots will use that.
I agree with Maj.Striker. I'm playing currently with the value of 125. It is pretty bright, but not too bright, also you can still see the fancy glowmaps on the shadow-sides of the ships (which is a little darker, but you can still see the hull pretty good :) )

But for a better visuell effect, I for myself don't use shine-maps at all, I think they interfere a little with higher ambient value-settings, and personally I don't like this feature that much (but I have to admit also, that I still haven't tested out the newest ones, and maybe I just mislike the old ones). It is again up to everyones personal taste :)
Well then Starman had over to the internal and test them...not all are in the final stage but they should give you an idea of how it should look like.
I don't have the time for that , <insert dying man voice here> on...fixing...missions,....stupid ai....darn FRED.... :D

I'm sure the shine-maps will be fine, you will handle that :cool:
actually with the new shine maps people will get the impression that bump has been implemented :) (which is yet to come, not before autumn for sure).
What we will get bumpmaps after all these years we had asked for them....*grummel*...what I am working for.

Yah ok forgot about that.
In my opinion, its between 100 and 120, but I'm leaning more towards 100. With 160 it's way too bright and the ship stands out too much in the blackness of space, while with 90 and below you can't see the hull well enough. I like 100 because you can clearly see the how one side of the ship is lit up more as it is facing the light source, yet you can still see the hull of the dark side clearly enough so that no visual details are lost in the blackness.
I play with ambient factor set to 50. :) That said, if I have to be conformist and stick to what you're offering I'll take the 75.
Yes, that is the beauty of it. Everyone can get what they like in the light-darkness continum. It is a very nice touch.
Chernikov said:
I play with ambient factor set to 50. :) That said, if I have to be conformist and stick to what you're offering I'll take the 75.

75 is being used by a lot of people in the FS community. Lightspeed has adjusted his spec maps for this kind of ambient lightning.
At the moment I adjust them for the ~100 setting but they also look good at other least the lower ones...haven't tried the others.