All your base.......

[22:05] <LOAF> Oh, sorry, yeah, that sounds good.
[22:10] <TC^> Don't make me change the password on you!
[22:11] <Trelane> no LOAF
[22:11] <Trelane> there aren't any thought police on IRC
[22:11] <Trelane> unlike in AOL chat rooms

It all comes from Byydo: Dragon Edition.

And please don't edit your posts to nothingness, it's really annoying.
Ah, but then stupid people say things, delete what they said and deny they ever said it.

The idea behind editing your posts is to allow you to change spelling errors or re-write posts before anyone has replied... the reason we *don't* let people delete posts is because it wouldn't be fair to everybody else in a thread -- if somebody proves me wrong and I delete everything I've said to save face (G)

(Well... actually, theoretically *I* could do that... but I digress...)
You can't edit after a specified time either. It gives people time to fix things like spelling errors and such... but keeps them from denying they said anything in the long run. Also... if there's an edited out message there, it's obvious you said *something*

Granted, both of you guys are right... but then how about enabling the option to delete the message during, say, the first 5 minutes after posting...

This way, it corrects posts made by error (you have to be very st... for that granted... :p), and enables us to delete those where we tell ourselves "Oh my God, what ON EARTH was I thinking when I wrote that!" when we read them again... :)
We're stuck with the vBoard options that God granted us, though -- the ability to delete posts before someone has replied would be ideal.