Afterburner not working/available??? Help!!!

Discussion in 'Privateer Gemini Gold' started by Hanne, Sep 15, 2009.

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    Hi folks,

    i just installed the free Privateer Remake and started playing, so far everything works quite fine (although i did not play Wing Commander for a feeled century :) The only thing i´m missing is the afterburner - when i hit the tab button the velocity increases to 300kps, but no afterburner sound comes up and nothing more happens :-( I read the manual several times but get no hint apart from pressing Tab. I read in another thread that the Tarsus initially isn´t equipped with an afterburner, is that true? If so, how do i get it? Read in the same thread that it appears under the reactor lvl 1 upgrade and bought one (~9000credits) - still it´s the same. Is another reactor upgrade kit meant or where can i buy the right one (and how much is it?). Hope you guys can help me!

    Best regards from Europe/Germany!
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    In privateer, afterburners are an upgrade you have to buy. Your tarsus doesn't come with them at the outset. Once you have enough money they should be available from pretty much any of the ship dealers in the game.
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    Hey, thanks for the tip! Because without afterburner the game does not really make fun... Could you tell me how much the afterburner is (already got 20.000 credits...)? I already bought engine upgrade1 and still it´s not included. And normally you can also see equipment which you can´t afford yet (red highlighted), but i can´t see an afterburner...
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    The afterburners are separate from the engine upgrade in Privateer. I believe they're 3000 credits.
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    After Burner

    Morning Hannes,
    Far be it from me to imply any "Malice" but there is a certain bloke on this Thread
    who I would not buy an "Afterburner" from!, I did, and when I fitted it I found
    most of the Exhaust Tubes were blocked an a couple of the Feeder Tubes were
    Now, I`m not entirely sure but I believe most of the "Crap" he is selling us poor
    "Privateers" from his "Scrapyard" is from Wrecks he attacks & blows up to steal
    there Cargo!.
    So, just be aware of who your dealing with in future!. I`ll bet he was the one who sold you the Dud Afterburner you bought!.

    A friend,

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