After Action Report Caliban II

Star Rider

Rear Admiral
Recently I've been doing a replay of Wing Commander IIIl, and made it to Caliban Missions. The following is my After action report. This mission was completed using Ace Difficulty with no cheats.

For Caliban Mission II, I took the Longbow out for this due to the large number of Cap ships at the final Nav Point. My loadout consisted of 4 Lance Torpedoes, and 16 Pilum FF Missiles.

Nav Point 1 was fairly straight forward... Flint, and I encountered Four Darket Light Fighters. I managed one kill off the bat with a pair of full gun salvos. Shortly after this I scored a second kill with a Pilum. The pair of remaining Darkets were then downed by my rear gunner.

Nav Point 2 was the most challenging with two waves of enemies comprised of Six Dralthi IV's and 4 Vaktoths.

Taking on the Dralthi, I toggled my Pilums and locked my I.T.T.S on a fighter so I could quickly toggle between targets, and served each Dralthi with a FF missile achieving one confirmed kill and two damaged in the process. After this initial exchange I ordered Flint to Break and Attack.

In the ensuing dogfight I proceeded to roll my Longbow, taking advantage of the alternate flight mode it uses to dodge incoming fire, and proceeded to score two more kills through a combination of guns and missiles. My rear gunner managed an additional kill in the process while Flint finished off the final Dralthi.

At that moment the second wave comprised of Vaktoths appeared on radar. I ordered Flint to reform on my wing as we had become separated to a distance where I could not provide support. Upon regrouping, I order Flint to attack my target, the lead Vaktoth. As she made her attack, I proceeded to attack the number 2, and 3 Vaktoths of the flight that were focusing on her... Splashing them with a combination of missiles and guns. I managed to force the fourth Vaktoth to overshoot and killed it draining my gun capacitor in the process. Around the same time, Flint finished dealing with the lead ship.

Nav Point 3, we encountered a pair of Kamrani Corvettes, one Sha'Kar Scout Transport and a single Ralarrad Light Destroyer. What followed was a text book bombing run. Toggling Torpedoes I had Flint attack one corvette while I hit the other, coordinating our strikes to hit at the same time. With both Corvettes finished I had Flint hit the Scout Transport while I made my run on the Destroyer, using my blasters to bring down the shields, and then finishing it with a torpedo.

By my count I managed ten kills. Flint scored four kills, and my tail gunner managed 3 kills. I know the Longbow receives a lot of grief from pilots due to it's sluggish handling, and speed characteristics. Under the right conditions however they can be effective against fighters using missile truck tactics.