Action! (December 3, 1998)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Admit it, since the original eight years ago it's been every WingNut's dream to own Wing Commander toys... so when I found out that the latest issue (December) of Tomart's Action Figure Digest had a preview of the WC movie's toys, I sped to the mall as fast as I could... According to Tomart's there are 8 Wing Commander action figures, as well as an indetermined number of bigger toys -- shown in the magazine are the Dralthi (concept art) and Rapier. The eight figures (pictured below, click to enlarge) are: Marine Blair, Blair in Flight Suit, Maniac Marshall, Deveraux, Commodore Taggart, Kilrathi PIlot, Kilrathi General and Pilgrim Traitor. I heartily reccomend you buy a copy of this magazine, so you can see how truly detailed/cool-looking these toys are. They're set to be released next month by X-Toys. I can't wait...

Original update published on December 3, 1998
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