Abalative Armour


actually, this problem was rectified much later, they started putting fuses into the consoles, now the only problem is the shield generator constantly overloading

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Better Health Through Less Flavor
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Its to make things more dramatic, that simple.

For that matter, the Feds could wise up and add some bloody SEAT BELTS. So many people have died from falling out during some random battle it's not even funny. B5 could learn this, too - the only ships with harnesses were the Hyperions, and those had no gravity.

Now, the Tiger's Claw, on the other hand... :)


true, they should all have chairs and seat belts, thus when a hull breach occurs they don't all go flying out and instead, dis due to Explosive decompression


In the first episode of Enterprise, Hoshi actually says "Maybe we should recommend seatbelts when we get back".
So the writers *are* aware of the irony. :D