A quick question

So you patch Privateer to run under Windows 95. Then everyone has XP and it won't run anymore - again. So you patch it to Windows XP? Then people switch to whatever is next. And you patch it again. Repeat ad infinitum.

You can run Privateer in DOS on your current machine, on an old computer, or on your current box with an emulator, you know.

I think it'd be better to put effort into new stuff.
You started to make less sense as that thread went on. While Privateer did have a story line it was the open ended part that was great. You didn't have to follow the story if you didn't want to, just go make money and wander around. Having played the story line enough times as is what is wrong with something new like VS? I can still fly around and do whatever but with prettier graphics and it will have more WC ships then Privateer could possibly have handled in its day. SO I hear, I haven't really played VS more then 10 minutes. Oh and a 386? I know people throwing out Pentium 266s left and right, hell I know people that can't give away 486s. I would think you could do a little upgrade for nothing.
er ghost i didnt start the post :p im just commenting, besides cant take 386 to uni :p but im prepared im gonna finish SO then freespace :D and freespace 2, and X:BTF and the other X game in X:gold and so on lol

finally i gotta 386 to play wc1 on as well :p if i wanna play priv on an "upgraded" system ill choose one of the others i have :p