A question if you would

black fire

Hi, I'm new here,and I've never played the game, but I liked the movie (Which may work against me here I don't know) and I've been looking for images from the movie of the Concordia, but can't find any, from what I saw in the movie it looks a bit like a ship from Star Wars (Mon Cal MC-80 Defender) so I was wondering if anyone here had a pic. Thanks for your time.
Don't be afraid to like the movie. You got people like me on your side of it. (which, consequently, may work for you or against you here :>)
I also wonder why they needed oxygen masks that A) weren't connected to anything and B) wouldn't support life in a vacuum
Like all the stylistic elements of the movie, they were taken straight from air combat (and the "detach your mask when you're talking so we know who you are!" is straight from the Top Gun movie).

(The masks have the radios in them... and they're connected via tube thingy to the helmet -- I've got one around here somewhere.)
As opposed to the leather jackets and blue jeans we ejected in in the original game :)? (Seriously, as we see at the end of the movie, the Rapiers have ejection 'pods' like those on the Academy show, rather than traditional 'ejection seats').
Hey, those were SPACE GRADE JEANS, man!
Seriously, I always loved the weird WC1 flight suit. Jeans, Paratrooper boots, leather jackets, no gloves and, to top it all, BMX helmets! The coolest thing was when the bike helmet's visor automatically closed when you ejected, as if the REST of the suit was pressurized. And the fact that you ended up just floating in space, without even the ejector seat.

The helmets in the movie were interesting too, IIRC they looked like pre WW2 leather thingies. But the art direction was pretty good, generally. I didn't like look of the Kats (like everybody else) and the rapier was ugly, but the rest was pretty cool. Special kudos to the instrument panel in the fighters.