A piece of FanArt from me.


Well, i was bored during class and started to draw.

The picture shows the T.C.S Atari, an old, recomissioned Bengal-class Strike Carrier with it's old refit (WC Movie). The ship was recommisoned to anti-pirate duty to engage and destroy pirates in space. The timeframe was pre/post-Prophecy as the Prophecy ships have come in service (Pirahna, TigerShark, Wasp, Seahawk and Condor) The ship, now in an asteroid field, retrieving ejector pods from downed CultOfSivar pilots hunted down by the Atari's fighters an hour before.(I dont know how to draw a kilrathi insignia so I made up a CultOfSivar insignia). Also note the Wing of one of the Dralthi's is actually the WC1 "Pancake" Dralthi.
http://img95.imageshack.us/img95/9039/200603211626189ks.jpg-Full Size

More of the Atari:
T.C.S Atari CV-96354-AT(fan idea)
Send into combat during the early stages of the Kilrathi war. Five months in service, she was hit by Kilrathi torpedo bombers and was heavily damaged. By the time she was fully repaired, the new Bengal class Carriers (refitted) were already in service. She was kept in storage and her hull has been re-used by the end of the Border-Worlds conflict as anti-pirate ships to save Confed Command some credits into building newer and more expensive Vesuvius/Midway class Super/Megacarriers.


Thanks guys!
I made this other one in class today, my teacher was MC (lucky me).

The picture is set one hour before the first one, when Tigersharks from the Atari intercepts and engages a kilrathi pirate-asteroid in some system.
Also note the two Kilrathi Corvettes in the background

This one was made very quickly so I didn't have the time to draw as many asteroids in picture one.

Full Screen-http://img113.imageshack.us/img113/5616/200603221547040ef.jpg

BTW, I gave thought and i MAY do a comic on this, just like i gave War Of The Worlds a treatment in comic form. I'll try, but no promises because i have a very big exam this year and my teachers arent always absent, you know...

If you are intrested in my previous work, I suggest you check out my WOTW comic in MySpace:http://spaces.msn.com/saunderwotw/PersonalSpace.aspx?_c01_blogpart=myspace&_c02_owner=1&_c=blogpart


While enjoying the cool pics, take a look at some lyrics I wrote out.
Thraknath's On Fire (Parody of Weird Al-Barney's On Fire)
Happened one day in the asteroid field
Flying around in a do-si-do
The furry monstrosity was blazing his guns
We were falling victim to his tachyon guns
He brushed against an asteroid and he started to smoke
And now we're all laughing at the kilrathi-born joke

Oh boy, Thraknath's on fire!
It's what we've always desired
We'll watch the flames get higher
Just don't try to put him out

(Confed pilots sayin "kill him" in the background)
Brown fur was flying ashes everywhere
And all of the pilots just continued to stare
The kilrathi inside the suit, he started to yell
Blair probably should've helped him but what the hell
He threw himself violently against the rocks
He fired his afterburners and tried to fly away.

Oh Boy, Thraknath's on fire!
This is Blair's secret desire
We'll help the flames burn brighter
But don´t you try to put him out

(break it down for me fellas!)

THraknath: Kn'thrak!. I'll kill you worthless descendents of monkeys....

(Thraknath Screaming)

Oh boy, Thraknath's on fire!
This is what Blair always desired
Wont you help us fan the flames higher
And you better not try to put him out

Thraknath's no longer ignited
Blair's feeling somewhat slighted
He's laying in a heap in space
Blasted him with a laser cause we had to be sure he was dead


Rear Admiral
Your english isn't all that great, either.
Anyway, in all seriousness, good effort. It's better than some of the freeform crap I did in my angsty days...