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Actually, Earthworm, I believe the Behemoth (that is, the original - I'm not touching all the other crap ;)) could destroy any planet it wanted. Certainly (unless there was something in the book that I can't remember right now), nobody ever mentioned the Behemoth having any limitations in that aspect.

The Behemoth in the book could only destroy planets that were tectonically unstable. It mentions that it would probably destroy any other plantet it wanted but it was deisgned to for tectonically unstable planets
<Prowls through HoTT>

Actually, the book says that it is designed to utterly destroy any target at the end of the lancing point... nothing about it being designed for tectonically unstable planets - or indeed, for any planets. It's a very, very big gun, et c'est tout.
Admittedly, it also adds that the scientists are not sure if the weapon can destroy an entire planet. This is where the seismic effect comes in, of course - "the resultant seismic stresses should be enough to tear it apart, particularly a world like Kilrah which is already highly unstable".
Note, however, that the word particularly is used. In other words, it will most likely have this effect on any planet, it's just that the effect will be particularly complete on an unstable planet - which is also why they chose an unstable planet for the test. They wanted to show what the weapon could really do.
Well that's sort of what I meant. The fact is that unless the planet is tectonically unstable the planet might not be destroyed completely.
If we want to go now about totaly destroyed planets then the kilrah in wcp demostrates that will the t-bomb blow half the planet it wasn't total destuction just no live left.

PS Does confed have bio weapons? If so why not use them instead of the t-bomb?

Sure the planet would remain up it should still screw up the kilrathi as they would have no emperor and would have to figure out who was the rightful heir giving confed plenty of time to capitalis on this advantage.

Also I recall the weak points being a combination of lack of time and the huge power required.

PS the versoin I surgested would not fire everything but use its weapons correctly like leaving te planet last. Of coure with the alien tech a hyper weapon could be created the behemoths gun design, the PTC, the Silvar weapon and the bugs big gun, it could rule the unervers , atleast till confed built a mark II.
I'm prety sure the Emperor has a place to hide in his little palace in case someone used a bio weapon. But lets assume that something very unlikelly has happened, and the Emperor was killed.

Thrak, who's in space on one of his precious dreadnoughts, sees his grandfather killed. He now takes over the empire and all of the clans unite under him as the Kilrathi start a holly war of revange. They use the entire fleet that's around Kilrah (since Kilrah didn't go boom, the fleet didn't die) and moves from one Confed world to another, exterminating any sign of human life. He doesn't even take any slaves for labor, or sacrafice to Sivar. He completly destroys everything on which humans have set their feet. After few months, Earth and other major worlds have been changed into lifeless asteroids, while the Kilrathi start prepearing for the next war, with the Mantu. That's why we wouldn't want to use planet-not-destroying bio weapons.

Additionaly, I doubt that a single fighter could deliver enough bioweaps to do any serious damange.
Hmm... Earthworm, I don't think Confed knew that the new Kilrathi fleet was gathering about Kilrah. Or at least, neither the book nor the game gives any indication of that.
And certainly, a single fighter could deliver enough bioweapons to wipe out life on Kilrah (remember? "A single missile").

I think the real reason why they didn't just go for bioweapons is that the Kilrathi wouldn't have been impressed. I mean, the Kilrathi already have bioweapons. The thing that shocked them was the firepower of the Temblor bomb... especially since only a select few Confed officers know that the Temblor requires an unstable planet to work. Notice the way the Kilrathi talk about the possibility of Confed having more Temblors, in False Colours.
Then, there's also the fact that the Temblor's destruction was far more noticeable. If Kilrah had been dusted with bioweapons, the entire population would be gone, but the homeworld would still be there. They wouldn't be able to get to it though - so they'd be... irritated. On the other hand, its total destruction... well, that just doesn't happen every day :).
They certainly knew that the Emperor had his own fleet in Kilrah, in case some power hungry war lord would try to take over the throne. And they must have known that there was a fleet preparing for a strike on Earth. Especially after the Confed fleet in Freya drew in all those ships from Kilrah.

And while a single Vrag'chath missile is enough to deliver enough bioweaps, it was too large to be placed inside a fighter. The T-bomb when placed inside the Excal forced Blair to take out all of his missiles, and his fighter handled slugishly at best.
I guess Confed was aware of some kind of Home Fleet but they didn't know that Thrak was assembling an entire invasion fleet around Kilrah when they started the T-bomb run.

The diversion at Freya was made to thin out this Home Fleet so that Lancelot flight's chances of getting to the supply depots (and finally Kilrah) undetected would be higher.

IIRC as Thrak didn't want to postpone the preparations for the invasion he ordered only a small number of ships from the invasion fleet to Freya. The main body of the Kilrathi force there were Home Fleet ships.
Bear in mind also that the Confees would probably have severe moral problems about a chemical weapon due to the pain it could inflict!